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Apps simplify and increase our possibilities to share and communicate at any given moment. Stapp2B shows how it facilitates sharing Calendars with it's unique calendar app called CU too. Check our video.

CU too supports the new way of working. Finding available times within seconds and find out about whereabouts and/or distance is now possible. 

Sync your (work)calendar (outlook/gmail/eg) with your iphone or Android calendar. Its automatically syncs with CU too.

Experience the new clever features and try out our updated free calendar app now on your iPhone of Android phone.

Your own business app?

You want to offer your clients

  • better service
  • close contact
  • efficient procedures

Stapp2B provide apps for these objectives.

Read how Apps change entire industries.

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CU too app

Our newest app applies to business as well as privat activities. Everywhere you work or live together with others, like:

  • colleague on different locations
  • friends
  • (sport)clubs
  • family

Read more about the clever features of the CU too app.

CU too now available in the playstore.

Download CU too in the app store.

Check out the reviews of version 1.0